High Tech for High Reach

Outstanding technology for an optimal 360° experience
for visitors, exhibitors and speakers

With over 4,000 participants per year, the SBE (SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER) is not only a leader in the German-speaking world in quantity, but also especially in quality. For more than 10 years, this center has been continuously improved and extended with important features.

What the SBE is able to do, no other center and certainly not a variable congress hall in a hotel can do, because here all technical, organizational and personnel elements are installed and in use for 365 days a year and guarantee a smooth operation of even extremely complex transmission techniques.

On the one hand, we have permanently installed, joystick-controlled high-resolution cameras installed in the lecture hall, the industrial exhibition, the courtyard, as well as in the catering and party tent and on the other hand, we have several mobile camera teams that interact with the participants. 

Beamers were yesterday: susceptibility to interference, flickering, the need to darken and thus tempt participants to take a nap, and poor image quality have been replaced by a huge LCD screen that has brilliant resolution and colors in full daylight. In addition, without creating a shadow, the speaker can interact directly with the presentation, replacing the pointer with their hands!


Live simultaneous translation

The training center has two highly experienced and medically skilled simultaneous translators who have been accompanying the courses, training sessions and congresses at the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER for years and ensure an excellent translation of every moment. Each participant receives a headset upon request and can select the respective language channel.

The perfect location

The JCCI organizing team loves its job and is able to meet any challenge! Years of experience and tens of thousands of attendees have made this team arguably the best of its kind. Above all, this team has understood that the dentist, who is exposed to an enormous workload and pressure during the week, wants to experience positive emotions in a stress-free environment on the course days and make many new like-minded friends. According to the motto „the eye eats with you“ only the finest, high-quality and healthy ingredients are used in the SBE. The catering comes from its own affiliated vegan, gluten- and sugar-free „SOUL FOOD – Vegan Café & Takeaway“.